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Personal Intuitive Tarot Readings


If you would like to dive deeper into a specific area of your life, a personal reading is the way to go. In response to your inquiry I will draw a combination of tarot cards and oracle cards in an intuitive, conversational style, interpreting the messages revealed by the cards. No two readings are the same - sometimes I feel lead to use a specific spread, sometimes the message is entirely free-form. Your reading will be about 45 - 60mins long and will be recorded via video. See the Unseen Hands Healing YouTube channel to get a feel for my reading style.

Sliding Scale Rate is available to those who need it (see below).


If you are in the Philadelphia area and would like to meet me one-on-one for a reading, please follow the same procedure listed above under How to Book. In-Person Readings are 45mins - 60mins. You will receive a photograph of the cards as they were laid during your reading & a PDF summarizing your message for future reference/print-out. You are welcome to record the audio of our session on your phone for your own future reference. Payment in CASH IS PREFERRED for In-Person Readings, but electronic payment via Venmo/PayPal is also available.

Sliding Scale Rate is an offering to those who need it (see below).

Sample Personal Reading PDF

Sample Personal Reading PDF


Email UnseenHandsHealing@gmail.com with a specific inquiry that you are holding in your heart. Please provide me with as much context on this area of your life as you feel comfortable sharing, as it will help with the specificity of your reading. This would be a great time to let me know which pronouns you use, your birth info (full date, place & time) if you are comfortable sharing, and any specific way I can support your experience. As a healing artist, I understand the necessity of creating a safe space for this deep work, so please do not hesitate to ask for what you need. All information shared between us is held in the utmost confidence.

Once I receive your email, I will confirm your reading with options for electronic payment (Venmo or PayPal) and ask any follow-up questions regarding your inquiry. For Distance Readings, a private link to your video reading will be emailed to you within 3 business days from the time I receive your payment. ALL Payments are Non Refundable.


If you have booked a Personal Reading with me recently and, upon reflection, you’d like further clarification, we can do that! Send me an email letting me know what you’re still thinking about and I will pull a few cards to address your inquiry. After receiving payment, you will receive a photo of the cards laid and a 20-30 minute audio reading. You must have already received a Distance or In-Person Reading with me in order to book a Follow-Up Reading.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Birthdays mark the return of the sun to the same place in the sky where it was when you were born. This can feel like a new year for you, the start of a new cycle, and is truly cause for celebration. The Solar Return Reading takes a look at the next 12-month cycle for you, linking Tarot and Numerology to help you reflect using your Life Path Number/Card and the cards pulled for the Wheel of the Year. In this session, you will also have the opportunity to ask any specific question that is on your mind at the time of your Solar Return. You will receive an artful PDF summarizing the message for future reference/print-out. See the Sample Reading below for a clearer picture of what this will look like. Solar Return Readings make for deeply meaningful gifts for loved ones! Send me an email letting me know you’d like to gift one today.

Sliding Scale Rate is available to those who need it (see below).

Solar Return Sample Reading

Solar Return Sample Reading


The Moon Cycle Readings follow 4 major phases of the moon: The New Moon, 1st Quarter, Full Moon, and the 3rd Quarter Moon. The moon cycle is symbolic of a transformation process. With the New Moon, seeds are planted for a new beginning. At the 1st Quarter, we are seeing those seeds develop into a young plant. At the Full Moon, the plant is now in full bloom. As we approach the 3rd Quarter, the fruit of the plant ripens and falls, as we prepare for a fresh cycle with the next New Moon.

This a month-long journey together. Over the course of 4 weeks, you will receive 4 readings; one timed with each phase of the moon cycle. If you are in a particularly transformative moment in your life, allow the tarot to help you move through your process with added insight. As we face moments of major shifting, we often need the most guidance. Walking through the month together can be instrumental in facilitating that shift for you. Wherever we are in the moon cycle, reach out to me and we will talk about when it makes the most sense for you to start the Moon Cycle Readings, given your specific situation.

Each reading takes the form of a 45 - 60min private video reading. The price breaks down to only $47 per reading! It is my intention to honor your investment in your personal transformation process by helping you save a chunk of change ($76).

To book the Moon Cycle Readings, please follow instructions under the Ready To Book? section detailed above. Sliding Scale Rate is available to those who need it (see below).


A sliding scale is absolutely available for those who need it. The scale starts at $33 for Distance Readings, $55 for In-Person Readings, $88 for Solar Return Readings and $133 for the Moon Cycle Readings. Please ask about the sliding scale in your initial inquiry email if this is an option you are seeking.



Scorpio Sun/Moon/Rising! Your world is currently gray, green, brown, dare I say, khaki. Utilitarian. Lone survival mode. But that palette is about to shift entirely. We're talking hot pink, blue, red, purple vibrance. Desire. Fulfillment. There is a strange dichotomy at work here: a separation and a union.

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