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Intuitive Tarot is a healing art and, as the artist, I am as much the medium as the cards. Tarot calls us to self-reflection through archetypal imagery, language, and channeled messages from Spirit. Whatever language is used to describe it — Higher Self, The Universe, Guides, Angels, Cosmos — Spirit is the very nature of us, the world around us, and the world beyond us. It is unseen by most. It is inherent in all.

The deep insight and wild synchronicities that come up through Intuitive Tarot are tools for profound transformation. If you are ready to dive into your heart and soul, then you have come to the right place.


Meet Amanda

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My first experience with energy work was a Reiki Attunement in my early 20’s. At that point in my life I had separated myself from the Christian God of my upbringing, taking on a stubbornly atheistic view of the unanswerables of life. The Reiki Attunement hit my skeptical ass like a 2x4 to the top of my head. I felt immediately transported to another space and time, I saw and spoke to loved ones who had passed, I felt securely and lovingly held by a force deeper and wider than any God I could have fathomed. I felt faith.

Naturally, I panicked. This experience nullified everything I had decided wasn’t real. As I began to practice Reiki, I started feeling the powerful effects of energy work, easing my own life-long experiences chronic pain, but I thought maybe I made the whole thing up. Fast forward a few years later, while earning my degrees in theatre, I got a Tarot/Numerology reading from a very gifted intuitive that changed the course of my life. I knew I had to find a deck of my own and began my secret pursuit of understanding the Tarot, and by proxy, the power of my own intuition.

And a secret pursuit it was. Despite my barely containable passion, I hid my tarot cards from everyone in my life for many years. I felt ashamed to counter my Christian upbringing by practicing occult arts. I felt shame about working with something that Western Science largely invalidates. I felt ashamed to have faith.

When I look back on my life, I can see hands working all along to shape my journey towards intuitive healing work. Hands that, at the time, remained largely unseen. Bodywork, energy healing, and tarot have all been initiations for me; rites of passage through the depths of myself, into realms beyond physical form, up into the light of my intrinsic higher guidance. Through healing work, I feel the constant presence of the Unseen Hands at work in my life and the lives of those around me. Faith nudges my heart to keep opening, to keep facing the wild entropy of existence.


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Join me and a community of folks on a deeply personal (and collective) quest for sentience through intuitive tools like tarot, astrology, myth and symbols! You’ll find lots of free content in this space, such as Moon Cycle Tarot Stories, as well as content that is Patron-Only. By becoming a Patron (for as low as $11.11/mo) you have access to Monthly Extended Readings for your zodiac sign and even monthly Personal Readings from me based on the Moon Cycles! Explore the Patreon community space today by clicking the link above!

Client Experiences

From S.W.

Amanda was really able to tap into the experiences I have been going through and the emotions that have come with that. I have had other tarot readings before but never have I seen someone so thoroughly describe the detail in each card she pulled and how it related to my story, I honestly felt as though she knew me. This reading really helped me to have peace about some things and have some answers about where to go next.

From M.S. a musician in Philadelphia:

Amanda's reading came to me at exactly the right moment. Her sensitivity, intuition, and generosity was a bright light in the midst of a dark transition. She used a poetic language that provided enough space for me to be inspired and empowered. The reading gave me a lens through which I could re-narrativize a painful past in order to make future decisions in my best interest. For real though, I got over a break-up faster because of Amanda. And I gave myself permission to show up as my full, honest and proud self as I reentered the dating scene.

Most importantly, the reading reinforced my own intuitive sense so I felt affirmed and supported by Amanda as a guide and by the universe generally. My first reading was a one-off but since then I have become a patron on Patreon. She has been an important addition to my ongoing tarot, journaling and meditation practice.

From L.K. An Actor in NYC:

With Amanda's readings, I consistently experience an explosion of recognition and clarity. Like a luscious blanket of affirmation and insight, she is so deeply in tune. Her readings are always equally challenging in their ability to shine a light on my pitfalls and inspiring in their specific articulation of the potential I hold in the world. Amanda's psychic ability combined with her deep knowledge and understanding of the cards make for readings that lead to big changes.

From A.C.B. AN LMT in NYC:

Readings with Amanda often catch me by surprise. Just when I think I understand my situation from all sides, she provides some insight that brings me far more clarity than I could provide myself. Her knowledge of the cards and how they’re trying to relate to me is far more intimate than what the book attached to my own set could possibly provide me with. Multiple times now readings with her have spurred a change in attitude and shifted my mood and made my entire day better. Not because I heard what I wanted to hear but because her perspective and interpretation gave me a burst of inspiration. Helping me to feel momentum around something I’ve only been able to mull over and over, or a new tool or focus to use in a situation. I highly recommend reading with Amanda!

From C.A. IN NJ:

Amanda was professional, yet very down to earth. She took her time and answered all my questions. Before I arrived I was full of stress and worry and when I left I felt such a positive energy, my spirit rejuvenated. Amanda's reading reinforced what I had been feeling but assured me what I have been seeking is near. The tarot summary she emailed after our reading was such a unique touch! I will definitely be back!


Amanda’s tarot readings are a beautiful gift. Mine spoke to me so deeply. I feel incredibly seen. She was able to explain everything so clearly and during the reading was very clearly led. She stayed open to that journey so that she could take me on it as well. I feel so blessed by her.

From Anonymous in Philadelphia:

It is one thing to know the meaning of each individual card, but Amanda took her time to connect and relate the cards in the spread in a unique way and that helped me reflect back on what was in my heart and my mind. Highly inspired!


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